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Alcozer&J has celebrated 20 years of styles, traditions, religions, cultures, tastes, tales and dreams.

It's founder and stylist Giampiero Alcozer, thanks to the vast creative experience earned in several years spent around the world, decides in 1994 to make the heart of Florence his home and to realize his dream, creating unique jewels, inspired by the classic arts but with a contemporary twist. The synergy of goldsmith's techniques and a great designers' team gives life to authentic art pieces, enhanced by semi-precious stones, pearls and Swarovsky crystals built on brass investment castings, finally golden-plated in electroplating bath. The result is a high quality handcrafted jewel entirely Made in Italy, thought for women who desire to dare and want to state it clear by wearing it.

There are three different collections: CLASSIC, a classic style with a rich selection of subjects. OPERA UNICA, fantasy and reality meet in a unique piece: the art enclosed in a every sense unique jewel. UOMO, bracelets meant for a man with an assertive nature and style, created from the slow melting of brass, grabbed by the strength of the finest leather. Each year A&J produces approximately 15.000 models, that together with the historic archive count over 300.000 designs.

Made in Italy